All Over Overalls

Good Morning beautiful people! Spring is here and I am back. I've been on a hiatus because other things took priority in my life. In 2013 my physical and spiritual health has taken top priority so I had to cut out some things that might have been a distraction. I'm growing and healthier and I've missed the blog. 
With that being said, let us look at some looks that speak life to me.... Overalls! I've always been a real fan of mixing masculine and feminine styles so this is a perfect way to accomplish this. Add overalls with your favorite strappy sandal or pump and you have a comfortable chic look! One of my favorite naturalistas, HeyFranHey, looks amazing below at the Carol's Daughter HBCU tour. I've had my eyes on overalls for a while now....



Five Favs

1. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. This picture of B. Jones and her family with their beanies is adorable. Check out her blog.

2. We keep hearing the tern "Fiscal Cliff". It sounds like our economy is about to do a nose drive into another recession. Check out the fashionista's article on the issue and how it will affect the fashion industry. 

3. I've really been into interior design lately, my pinterest is my proof.  Song of Style's bedroom has inspired me to make some changes to my own! 

4. Christmas has pasted and New Years is upon us but I can't forget the tragedy at Sandy Hook. I will never forget to look on President Obama's face when he first addressed the nation about this horrific act. I want the families on Sandy Hook to know that I haven't forgot about you and your lost. Prayers will continue to flow for your healing.

5. Let's end this post on a positive note. Finally, a new style post to come. Check it out New Year's Eve! 

Happy Friday!

Five Favs are "Something Else"