What's Mine, is Yours!

"And all the believers met together in one place and shared everything they had.  They sold their property and possessions and shared the money with those in need"
Acts 2: 44-45

Everyday we hear about someone in need.  Someone's car broke down.  Someone's house is in foreclosure. Or what about that embarrassing automated message when you call someone "this phone is temporarily out of service, please call again later".  Awkward.  But what do we do.  We think, hey I can give them a ride if my schedule permits it, or they can crash on my sofa for a little while.  How many people think, "I can sell my television to give them the money to get their car fixed". To my fashionistas, "I can sell my shoes so they can pay their light bill".  Whatever the case may be, we do not like to inconvenience ourselves too much for a fellow Christian.  In the old church, people would actually sell their possessions to make sure everyone's needs were met.  Not just your biological family, your family in Christ also.  Could you imagine?  

I know things were a lot simpler in the old church.  The church was much smaller and people did not need as much.  In today's society there is a grey area on the definition of a "need", since technology is so intertwined in our lives.  People feel like they need an iPhone.  Children feel like their lives will end if they don't have a fresh pair of jordans.  I am NOT talking about those luxuries ya'll.  But what about a car? Or any type of phone? Would you give up your xbox so a friend could have a car?  Without them asking? I guess the facts remain the same on basic needs; everyone deserves food, water, and shelter.  Are you willing to sell your possessions for the next Christian you know that is struggling? I just challenge you to pray about this and see where the Lord leads your heart.  I feel like we can learn something from our brothers and sisters in Acts.  

What do you think?

Happy Wednesday! 

Giving is "Something Else"

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